Course Downloads

Course Lecture Notes – Dr Bill Miller (Dermatology Oct 8 -9th)

1. Atopy and Food allergy in the dog
2. Feline Dermatology by reaction pattern
3. Antipruritic Therapy
4. Shampoos
5. Common Immune-mediated Disease
6. Feline Ear Disease
7. Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal Disease

Course Lecture Notes – Dr Smithson’s Lecture Notes (Dentistry Nov 12)

Course Lecture Notes – Dr Peak’s Lecture Notes (Dentistry Nov 13)

Course Lecture Notes Dr Katie Tolbert (Internal Medicine Feb 11-12th)

Course Lecture NotesDr Sue Ettiger (Oncology Mar 25-26th)

Course Lecture NotesDr Gary Ellison (Surgery April 29 – 30th)